Additional Services


We offer modern machining centers and an absolutely reliable quality assurance system. This is what the IXION Langeloh Feinmechanik GmbH stands for with 60 years of experience. This gives you the best quality for your precision parts.

Grinding machines
• Jung HF50 Surface Grinding Machine
• Chudin HTG 310 Cylindrical Grinding Machine
• Vibratory vibratory finishing machine


Saw machines
• Kaltenbach SKL 370
• Kaltenbach KKS 410
• Kasto 280 sawing automat
• Mössner Rekord Bandsaw CNC Engraving / Laser
• Kuhlmann Prokomat 20T; Working area: 600x600mm with NC dividing attachment
• Laser marking of Schilling ML6 +