Quality assurance


In order to meet the high quality requirements of our customers, all
components are tested during production to AQL 1.0. In addition, we
also accept the individual test requirements on customer request.
The following devices are available for this purpose:

• TESA – Micro-Hite 900 (2x)
• TESA – Micro-Hite 600 (2x)
• TESA – Micro-Hite I + II
• Zeiss UMC 850 Carat 3D coordinate measuring machine
• Wenzel WPZ 100 hand-held 3D measuring machine
• Mitutoyo toolmaker microscopes with XYZ axes
• Mitutoyo surface gauge SJ-201
• Olympus SZX12 microscopes
• Mitutoyo profile projector PJ300
• Hardness tester “Amsler Testor HAT”
• Mitutoyo Surface Meter Surf Test 211
• Hardness tester “Amsler Testor HAT”